On Premise & Cloud Hosting Options

On-Premise Server & Router or Cloud Hosting Provided and managed by our Managed IT Services Company at no additional cost.

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Start Immediately with Remote Web Hosting and migrate to Onsite Server and Router

Our Plans start at just 399.95 Monthly for a single office with up to 500 active loans. Compare this to the competition, with rates starting at 1000 or more. This includes all software features, training, support, and Managed IT Services. Full Cybersecurity FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance is also available.  

Loan Plus 3

Loan Management Software
$ 399
95 /month
  • Single Location
  • Up To 500 Active Loans
  • User Role Restrictions
  • Remote Hosting
  • OnSite Hosting
  • Server/Router Included
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Customer Application
  • Application Scoring
  • Instant Credit Report
  • TransUnion Integration
  • Experian Integration
  • Equifax Integration
  • Veritec Integration
  • Teletrack Integration
  • MLA Search
  • Social Search
  • Custom Auto Decisioning
  • Credit Denial Letter
  • Customer Document Upload
  • Regulated Loan
  • Custom Loan
  • Retail Finance Loan
  • Loan Terms & Amount
  • Loan Contract Creation
  • Additional Document Creation
  • All In One Customer Loan Screen
  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Payment Details
  • Customer Collection Details
  • Customer Loan Details
  • Customer Refinance Details
  • Customer Refinance by Mail
  • Customer Refinance by Phone
  • Customer Special Letters
  • Customer Contact Logging
  • Account Message Reminder
  • Account Callback Reminder
  • Fast Customer Search
  • Collection Module
  • Delinquency Module
  • Automated Collections
  • Collection Text, Mail, Email
  • Solicitation Module
  • Solicitation Text, Mail, Email
  • Daily Account Activity Module
  • Single Cash Drawer
  • Multi Cash Drawer
  • Check Register
  • ACH Register
  • Drawer Register
  • Deposits Register
  • Loan Register
  • Period Report Day
  • Period Report Month to Day
  • Period Report Year to Day
  • Daily Cash Count & Closing
  • Monthly Cash Count & Closing
  • Yearly Cash Count & Closing
  • Closing Period Report Dated
  • Closing Drawer Register Dated
  • Closing Aging Report Dated
  • Daily Close Quickbooks Export
  • Daily Close BW Export
  • Credit App Search
  • Metro File Create
  • Metro File View
  • ECOA Create
  • ECOA Search
  • Mail Daily Letters
  • Mail Solicitation Letters
  • Mail Audit Letters
  • Mail Mass Solicitation
  • Mail Special Letters
  • Mail Ad Library
  • Accounting Reports
  • ACH Report
  • Period Reports
  • Drawer Register Reports
  • Deposits Reports
  • Loan Register Reports
  • Significant Events Report
  • Management Reports
  • Alpha Customer List Report
  • Summary Report
  • Aging Report
  • Loan Analysis Report
  • Payment Due Report
  • Payment Past Due Report
  • First Payment Missed Report
  • Charge Off Report
  • Predicted Charge Off Report
  • Delinquency Movement Report
  • Delinquency Analysis Report
  • Contact Analysis Report
  • Promise Analysis Report
  • Text Message Report
  • Unearned Interest Report
  • Birthday List Report
  • Raise Analysis Report
  • Mail Settings Report
  • Callback Reminder Report
  • Goal Sheets Report
  • Skip Trace Report
  • Remote Software Training
  • Remote Software Support
  • Remote IT Support
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Computer & Hardware Support

Loan Plus HO

Corporate Management Portal
2 to 5000+
  • Instant Online Funding
  • Email Instant Online Funding
  • Branch Report Consolidation
  • Card Payment Processor
  • Multi Branch Administration
  • Centralized Credit Approval
  • Centralized Collections
  • Centralized Text Messaging
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Multi Vendor Integration
Why Choose Us

Our Software Helps Your Loan Business Grow Big

Many of our customers started out with a few locations and now some are close to 100 locations. Our software and IT support solutions make your technology worry free.

Unmatched Software Features & Support

Our loan software features are unmatched but software is only as good as the team supporting it. Our staff has and always will be there when you need us.

35 Years in the Loan Software Business

Our customers have remained with us for over 30+ years. Our history with our customers and their success is proof of our commitment to your success.

Managed IT Services & Remote IT Support

For over 20 year CFS Software has partnered with Unite Tech Managed IT Services. This means we truely are a complete solution.

Trusted By

Lenders for over 35 years to provide the best loan management system available. We have helped loan companies grow from 1 to 80+ branch offices by providing solutions for turn-key operations. Complete Loan Software and Managed IT Services.

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Select Live Demo button and fill out the form and you will be taken to our live software demo site. We can also setup a private demo of our software for you to try out and evaluate. Try before you buy. No hassle sales tactics. We been in business too long for that. Our reputation is solid and so is our commitment to our customers.

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