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LP3 – Collect Past Due Accounts

Collect Past Due

Quick Steps

  1. From the LP3 Main Menu Screen, click on the yellow Collect Account Menu at the top.
  2. Under the Accounts Worked Today section, it will show accounts Current, 1 Month, 2 Month, 3 Month, 4 Month, 5 Month and Totals
  3. At the bottom of each Month section, in red, it will show todays collection percentage of the accounts. The 0/50 0% as an example means 0 of the 50 accounts have been collected for the day so the percentage collected for the day is 0%
  4. To start the collection process, under Basic Option start alphabetically File AD, Record 1, Direction forward and chose the month you want to work.
  5. Click Work Basic Option button to begin the collecting on past due accounts process.
  6. The Customer Account Screen will open with the first of the Accounts in the month past due, chosen to collect on.
  7. When you call a past due account, it is important to get a promise to pay date. It’s a day and time the customer has made a commitment to come in and pay.
  8. The Contact button will open the Contact screen. When you call a customer and they answer and give you a promise to pay date. In the Contact Button Screen enter the Code, Date and any notes.
  9. Entering a calendar date means there was a promise to pay and will show up green in the collections list on the Customer Account screen. Anything without a date like a note you left a message will show up in black. Items in green will not show back up in collections until the promise to pay date was not made.
  10. Continue through each of the past due accounts by selecting Next Record button at the bottom.
  11. As you get through several accounts, go back and look at the Collect Account Screen and you will see the percentages of worked accounts is counting up.
  12. 100% of past due accounts should be collected on every day until a commitment to pay is made or broken and a new commitment to pay has been setup.
  13. When finished, exit all screens back to the LP3 Main Menu

Collect Past Due Account Video

LP3 – Collect Account Steps

Collect Account Menu will take you to the Collection Status & Delinquency Screen

collect account

Collections Status and Delinquency Screen allows you to view how many accounts are past due and how long have they been past due by months. It also allows you to setup collection options to start collecting the past due accounts.

collect menu 1

Basic Options Section

This allows you to chose how to begin your collections of past due accounts. If you start right at the current settings, the software will bring up every past due customer for you to call and gather contact/promise to pay commitments. You can chose to start at any past due month 1 to 5. Click Work Basic Option

Accounts Worked Today

Accounts worked today sections lets you see by month, how many people are past due and how many of those people have there been collection attempts on today What percentage of the total have been collected on today.


Work Basic Option, takes you right into the customer record to begin calling customer. Enter the call by clicking contact at the bottom. Put in the software who you spoke with and they committed to a payment date.