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LP3 – Renew a Loan

Detailed Video on Loan Renewal
FB – Former Borrower Renewal
NC – No Cash Renewal (Customer has to pay to renew / refinance loan
BR – Borrower Renewal (Customer receives cash to renew / refinance loan
Edit High Credit – Increase the total amount customer can borrow

Loan Renewal Detailed Video

BR – Borrower Renewal (Customer receives cash to renew / refinance loan)

NC – No Cash Loan Renewal / Refinancing (Customer does not get cash to renew, they have to pay to renew) 

FB – Former Borrower Loan Renewal / Refinance

Renewal to New Edit High Credit Amount. How to increase the total amount the customer and borrow and renew/make a loan to that amount.

Renew a Loan

Quick Steps

  1. From the LP3 Main Menu Screen, click on Search Account at the top.
  2. On the Search Account Screen, enter customer info to find Customer Account.
  3. On the Customer Account Screen, click the RENEW button.
  4. Software will ask if you want to change the terms of the loan. If you would like to change the amount or terms. Select NO to keep the same
  5. Print the new loan contract for customer to sign
  6. Take payment for renewal or give cash back for renewal per details on paperwork
  7. Exit Customer Account back to LP3 Main Menu Screen, when finished.

How to Renew a Loan Video