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LP3 – Create Account Steps

The Create Account Menu takes you to the Loan Application Screen.

Loan Application Video Tutorial


create account

The Application Screen allows you to capture detailed information about a potential loan applicant. From the Application Screen, you can Pull Credit Report, View Credit Report, Deny Credit (ECOA) or Make a loan to Create an Account.


1. Pull/Review Credit Report

Pull Credit Report, Review Information on the credit Report to decide if applicant qualifies for a loan.

Below is a screen in the Credit Pull Part of the process.

credit pull

2. Deny Credit Create ECOA Letter

If applicant does not qualify for a loan, Click Create ECOA, Credit Denial Letter to send to applicant.

Below is the Create ECOA Letter Screen


3. Approve Credit and Create Account

Create Account Button takes you into the Account Creation process for a new loan. You will set the Amount and term of loan, print contracts and receipts and loan will be made and Account will be created.

loan amount and terms

When the Create Account is completed and all Documents have been printed, The loan will be complete and the New Customer Account will be set up. Below is an example of the New Account Screen that will be created. 

customer account main menu