Special List Documentation

Special List has been added to LP3 Home Office https://homeoffice.smallloansoftware.com

There are two ways to get to Special List once logged into the LP3 Home Office:

  1. If you are a Home Office level user you should see a Solicitation tab at the top of the page as seen below, if you do not see the Solicitation tab but need access have your Home Office reach out to us via email to helpdesk@smallloansoftware.com and we will get that updated for you. When you click the dropdown you should see “Special List” as in the image below. This will allow you to see all special lists your level of access is able to view: Branch – Branch, Supervisor – Branches, Home Office – All.
  2. The first approach may not be ideal for Branch level employees if they do not need to be accessing reports in LP3 Home Office so we have a special flag we can enable so that the branches will only see their own Special Lists upon login. 

Special List is a feature in Home Office that allows you to upload a CSV file of potential clients for solicitation and can generate address inserts on 3 part paper designed for windowed envelopes. This allows your company to create an ad to send out in the envelope using the mail inserts to circumvent the tedious and time consuming process of hand labeling 500 solicitation letters.

Once you access the Special List page if you have never used the feature before you will find a blank page waiting for input.
On this page you have 3 initial options:

Search last name: Will search the last name field in all lists you have access to for the text input into the field  just to the left of the button.

New Upload: Clicking this will take you to a new page to upload a CSV containing a list of future customers to solicit. You will need to give the Special List a unique name and then click Choose File to select a CSV from your computer, it will show the file name next to Choose File after selected, then hit the Upload button.

The highlighted Branch at the bottom will only be seen by Home Office level users who see multiple branches in this way they can upload lists for specific branches. 



Columns titles should be: Suffix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email Address
Here is a Header specifically created for use with Special List upload: Header and an example upload

When you view the stored lists in LP3 Home Office you will not yet see Phone Number or Email Addresses if they were in the upload csv, they are stored and at a later date as things evolve those may come back into view, these fields are not required for an upload; Suffix is also not required but the column must be present in the upload structure.

Once your upload is complete it will open a new page containing any duplicate entries showing what list they are on and giving you the option to remove them from the duplication page. 

screenshot 2021 12 30 172914


If the upload has no duplicates you will load into the list you just created as seen below: 

speciallist5This will give you the opportunity to review the entries and correct any errors. Any time you open a list this is the view you will see. We will cover the specific things you can do in here a little further down. 

New Manual List: Creating a list Manually is always an option as well you can add the names and information without doing an upload.  When you click this button you will be taken to a page where you will first give the list a unique name (as lists cannot share the same name).
Once you hit Create List it will take you to the Manual Special List entry page which contains all the same fields used in the upload minus Phone and Email address fields

The highlighted Branch at the bottom will only be seen by Home Office level users who see multiple branches in this way they can create lists for specific branches. 

Now that you have uploaded a few lists or created them manually let’s go back to the Special List main page and see how to interact with the lists you can just click on the Solicitation tab at the top and select Special List if you are not already on the lists view.

You can see the Testing Demo list we uploaded earlier and the 4 next to it represents the number of names in that list. As you can see by “Big Test 1” with 29,700 entries the lists can support a LOT of names. Also out to the right you can see the View Entries button if you want to get into that list and see the names or create labels as well as the Remove button if you want to delete that list entirely. 


Now let’s View Entries on Testing Demo and see how to interact with the list.

  • Like the main page you have a Search Last Name button that will search just this list that we have opened. 
  • The Print Labels: PDF button will download a page containing the address inserts for each name on this list 3 per page.
  • Export: CSV will generate a CSV file of just the names on this list.
  • New Entry will allow you to add names manually just as in the manual entry example in the earlier section of this guide.
  • You can also click Edit next to one of the entries if the information was incorrectly entered and make changes.
  • If the entry is unnecessary, or a loan has been created for the entry you can click the Remove button to remove the entry in the list. 

On the main page just below the User created Special Lists you will see a long line of zip codes with similar options to the User created lists above. As you create Special Lists the zip code lists are automatically generated and entries in any list the user has access to containing that zip code will be grouped together here.

 You can View Entries for a specific Zip Code to see what list entries utilize that zip code as well as Remove a zip code entirely removing all associated entries in all lists you have access to as a result. In this example, I have clicked View Entries on 75001 which has 3 entries in the zip code and we have the option to Print Labels: PDF, Export: CSV, or New Entry which function just as they do in the regular special lists.
As you can see the three entries on 75001 are from three different lists so if we were to remove the 75001 zip code list it would remove the three entries from their respective highlighted lists. 

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please use the contact us link on the page or reach out to us directly at helpdesk@smallloansoftware.com.

Rev 1.0 8/11/2020